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How long will it take to get my crown?

There are various reasons we do crowns as well as various processes involved.  Most of the time, after a tooth is prepared and an impression taken, we can have the crown ready to cement in two weeks.  Crowns on implants will often require an additional week to make as implant components must be ordered by the lab and custom parts fabricated.  Those additional steps require more time at the lab. 


There are other times that the time frame may differ for various reasons.  Sometimes we like to keep a temporary crown on, or even the permanent crown, using temporary cement for an extended period. We will do this when we have concerns about the health of the nerve in the tooth and we want additional time to evaluate it.  If we need the lab to make a post for the tooth, this will also require additional time and appointments. Other times, we will send you to the lab so the lab technician can see you for custom shading and tinting so the best esthetic result can be obtained.  Timing of that appointment and availability of the patient and lab technician may delay the final finish date accordingly.


Like so many things, we want them done right, not just fast.  We understand that patients want things done right away, but we want them done right. We will always go the extra mile to make sure you get the result you want and deserve. 

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