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Fight the Winter Blues TODAY!

Vitamin D | Palos heights

So it’s your average Monday.  I get home from work, have a bite to eat and get ready to watch TV and catch up on paperwork and POW!  We hear a boom and our power goes out. I then realize it is 7pm and it is already getting dark outside.  The summer is almost over and it is getting darker and darker earlier and earlier every day.   


So what can ...

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Does my broken tooth have to be pulled?

There is so many advertisements on the tv and radio that are talking about implants.  Implants are a great tool to replace a broken tooth,Tooth Broken At Gumline or teeth, that can not be restored.  With so much emphasis on implants lately, patients often forget that our main goal is to try to save your teeth, not just pull them for implants.  When you break a tooth, you come in and we will give it a thorough evaluation.  Assuming there is enough healthy tooth to work with, and there is no major periodontal (gum) problems to compromise things, we are likely ...

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Prevention is key, NOT JUST FOR YOUR TEETH

At our office, we always stress the need to have good maintenance to prevent problems with your teeth and gums.   Well, with all of this hot weather, maintenance of your air conditioner is just as important, if not more important. Your teeth are only a part of you that we want to help keep safe and healthy. While we are no experts on air conditioning, we have had the same breakdowns as everyone else has, and we just want to remind everyone on some very simple things that can help keep your system working better for you during these hot ...

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What is the Fourth of July?

Fourth of July | Palos Heights

Do you know why we celebrate the 4th of July?  Yeah, I know, you are probably thinking you know and will say it is to celebrate our Independence from British rule and others may say it was the day of the “birth of our nation.” Others May say something about the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Are all these answers right?  Well, maybe, sort of, kinda, not really.  I mean, I guess those answers are kinda right. That is what we are celebrating in the big picture.   BUT why ...

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When should my child see the orthodontist?

When should my child see the orthodontist?  It’s a good question and the answer has changed through the years.  In the past, it was normal to seek out orthodontic treatment in the early to mid teen years.  The orthodontists would then decide if they could straighten out the teeth with or without pulling a few teeth to create space.  It was quite common to pull two to four premolar teeth to create the space necessary to straighten teeth. 

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A movie I saw said that Root Canal Treatment causes cancer.

Are root canals safe?

Over the last six months or so there has been a lot of buzz about a Netflix documentary called “Root Cause” that questions the safety of root canal therapy. Whenever publications come out that question the safety or efficacy of any treatments in dentistry, there is always a buzz that comes from it. With the popularity of Netflix, “ Root Cause” was on the tv screens of a lot of people worldwide. In this documentary, it basically says that root canal treatments cause most cancers as well as many other health issues.   ...

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If you know anyone with Alzheimer’s Disease, you may want to share this new research with them.

The Do you know anybody that has Alzheimer’s? If you do, this may be something to read and pass on to them.  Alzheimer’s is a progressive neurological disease that destroys memory as well as many other important neurological functions.  Scientist don’t yet fully understand the cause of the disease.  There seems to be a genetic component to the more rare early onset forms, but the classic Alzheimer’s in adults has been tougher to understand. 


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