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What is the Fourth of July?

Fourth of July | Palos Heights

Do you know why we celebrate the 4th of July?  Yeah, I know, you are probably thinking you know and will say it is to celebrate our Independence from British rule and others may say it was the day of the “birth of our nation.” Others May say something about the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Are all these answers right?  Well, maybe, sort of, kinda, not really.  I mean, I guess those answers are kinda right. That is what we are celebrating in the big picture.   BUT why ...

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When should my child see the orthodontist?

When should my child see the orthodontist?  It’s a good question and the answer has changed through the years.  In the past, it was normal to seek out orthodontic treatment in the early to mid teen years.  The orthodontists would then decide if they could straighten out the teeth with or without pulling a few teeth to create space.  It was quite common to pull two to four premolar teeth to create the space necessary to straighten teeth. 

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A movie I saw said that Root Canal Treatment causes cancer.

Are root canals safe?

Over the last six months or so there has been a lot of buzz about a Netflix documentary called “Root Cause” that questions the safety of root canal therapy. Whenever publications come out that question the safety or efficacy of any treatments in dentistry, there is always a buzz that comes from it. With the popularity of Netflix, “ Root Cause” was on the tv screens of a lot of people worldwide. In this documentary, it basically says that root canal treatments cause most cancers as well as many other health issues.   ...

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If you know anyone with Alzheimer’s Disease, you may want to share this new research with them.

The Do you know anybody that has Alzheimer’s? If you do, this may be something to read and pass on to them.  Alzheimer’s is a progressive neurological disease that destroys memory as well as many other important neurological functions.  Scientist don’t yet fully understand the cause of the disease.  There seems to be a genetic component to the more rare early onset forms, but the classic Alzheimer’s in adults has been tougher to understand. 


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What’s with all the new toothpastes claiming to treat gum problems? I thought they always did?


So what is it with all these new toothpastes that claim to help treat gingivitis? Didn’t they always do that? Well, not really.  Toothpastes help fight decay with fluoride, but it has always been the brush and floss that removed the bacteria that caused gum problems. Toothpastes didn’t really do anything to fight bacterial growth. But there ...

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Implants and teeth can’t really be done in one day like the commercials say...can they?

Well, I will answer that by saying Yes and No. First of all, every implant case is different so it is important to get a real answer based on your individual needs and goals. A consultation would be needed to,see what can be done for you.   We use Implants for various reasons and they are used to accomplish different goals based on your individual situation. That said, the majority of these commercials patients are asking about are the ones where people are getting all ...

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Tiny Miracles and Helmets for Cody Holiday Gift Drive

Every year, people find themselves in hospitals during the holiday season.  Two groups, Tiny Miracles and Helmets for Cody, have been doing a gift drive every holiday season to give gifts to the families that are in some of our local hospitals and the Ronald McDonald House.   As many of our patients may know, Dr, Bob's nephew, Cody, had a fall on his bicycle and he spent some dime int the pediatric Intensive care as he fractured his skull and his neck.  He has always wanted to give back to those in need and he loves to visit the kids ...

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