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Implants and teeth can’t really be done in one day like the commercials say...can they?

Well, I will answer that by saying Yes and No. First of all, every implant case is different so it is important to get a real answer based on your individual needs and goals. A consultation would be needed to,see what can be done for you.   We use Implants for various reasons and they are used to accomplish different goals based on your individual situation. That said, the majority of these commercials patients are asking about are the ones where people are getting all ...

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Tiny Miracles and Helmets for Cody Holiday Gift Drive

Every year, people find themselves in hospitals during the holiday season.  Two groups, Tiny Miracles and Helmets for Cody, have been doing a gift drive every holiday season to give gifts to the families that are in some of our local hospitals and the Ronald McDonald House.   As many of our patients may know, Dr, Bob's nephew, Cody, had a fall on his bicycle and he spent some dime int the pediatric Intensive care as he fractured his skull and his neck.  He has always wanted to give back to those in need and he loves to visit the kids ...

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Are Electric Toothbrushes Better Than Manual Toothbrushes?


We always get asked about electric toothbrushes.  Are they better than manual brushes?  I always say that any brush can effectively clean teeth, but when you compare the results, my answer is always “yes, when used properly.” I always clarify this by stating that the brushes themselves are all pretty much the same. Yes there are some differences in angle, length, or firmness among the ...

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Should I Brush First or Should I Floss First?

Should you Brush first or should you floss first?  I've heard this question asked so many times through the years.  I've also heard different opinions from the "experts" on this topic.  If you floss first, you clean out the plaque between the teeth and allow the fluoride toothpaste to get between the teeth to the already cleaned surfaces.  If you brush first, you ...

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Announcing Our New Website

Our New Office Logo

We felt it was time to give our office website a facelift so we have been working long and hard to get our new website up and running.  It is finally here and we are excited to introduce its new features.   Aside from trying to show up in the search engines when people are looking for a dentist, we have expanded the functions on our website.  Since most people are using smart phones and tablets now, our new website has the ability to adapt to these new technologies. You will also be able to request appointments through our ...

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