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Implants to Replace Teeth And Gums

In the past, losing several teeth would leave you with few options other than a removable partial denture.  We all know someone that had one of these things where they could pop out some of their teeth. The partials were often ugly as they had metal clasps that could occasionally be seen when smiling. These were popular with hockey players because they knew they could take them out before playing, knowing they may lose more teeth at any time while playing. 


But while hockey players looked tough with missing teeth, most people aren’t very fond of that look.  Unfortunately, replacing teeth that are missing may not be as straightforward, especially when the missing teeth are all in back.  When only front teeth remain, there were really no good options other than a removable partial.


Today we have dental implants.  It is now possible to place some titanium screws into the bone and attach teeth to these implants. The produces a much more esthetic result with no metal clasps, and the ability to chew without worrying about your partial denture falling out. 


This is an interesting case where three implants were placed to replace four missing teeth. What makes this more interesting is the fact that there was also quite a bit of bone lost when the original teeth were lost.  Not only did we have to replace the teeth, but to look right, we also tried to make things look better by adding pink porcelain to make it look like the missing gum tissue was there.  


If you would like to hear more about dental implants, or any other options that may be available, just give us a call so we can see what can work for you.

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