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Will anyone be able to tell that I have a dental implant?

When dental implants, or any restorative option for that matter, are used, we make every effort to make your dental work blend in and look as natural as possible. The implant surgeons take great care and planning to place implants in a location that will not only be functional, but also allow us to make things looks as natural as possible.  In most cases, it is difficult to impossible for other people to identify the use of an implant.  There are times, however, where we may have challenges to what we want to do based on various factors.  In these cases where we may have compromises, including esthetics, we will always try to discuss these challenges prior to treatment. That said, there are many ways we can make things look natural, even in the most difficult cases.  The best way is to let us see you so we can evaluate your needs and then we can come up with a restorative plan with all of the options available.

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