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Robert C. Clay, Jr., DDS, Ltd.

I’m missing some teeth. What is the best way to replace them?

Having a missing tooth can be very stressful when considering esthetics, the treatment one needs to undergo to replace the tooth, or teeth, and the costs associated.  Since every patient has their own individual needs as well as financial constraints, it is not always up to us to decide what is “best” for you. We will always present all of the available options and weigh the pros and cons as far as optimal dental treatment goes.  Along with that, we will present the fees associated with all of these options.  Finally, we will present you with options for third party finance companies to help spread the costs over a longer period of time where costs are a concern.  We will try to find a way to allow you to get the best treatment, the treatment that you deserve, but also understand if the “best” treatment just isn’t feasible at this time.  We will then work to help you decide on one of the alternate options

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