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Robert C. Clay, Jr., DDS, Ltd.

Can implants really be placed the same day teeth are pulled?

A simple answer is....sometimes.  The truth is that every implant case is so different that the options are based on the patient’s needs as well as the existing conditions.  With individual implants to replace single teeth, the tooth root shape and the implant shape are relatively similar, so we have a better chance to have the option to place an implant the same day the tooth is removed. For multi rooted back teeth, it isn’t as easy, or even possible to do same day implant placement due to the different shapes of a cylinder implant versus a multi rooted tooth shape. Other variables like bone shape, infection, or other health issues also come into play with immediate implant placement. I always tell patients that we don’t want to rush to do things wrong.  It is always better to do it right the first time, and although immediate placement may be desired, it isn’t always a good idea.


There are a lot of tv ads about getting implants done as well as “teeth in a day.”  To learn more about this particular implant option, click HERE

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