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Does my child need to see a pediatric dentist?

It is always a good question to ask whether your child should see a pediatric dentist or whether a general dentist, like Dr. Clay would be a good fit.  As with adults, one of our biggest goals is to make every dental experience be as pleasant as possible. When it comes to children, we don’t want to make too broad of a recommendation without knowing the child and their needs.  While some kids are eager to come to the dentist, others are very fearful.  While some kids need little to  no dental work, others may need more extensive or specialty restorative treatments.  We always leave the option up to the parents to decide whether to start with our office, or to start with a pediatric office.  If they choose to come to us first, then we will evaluate the child and their needs, and decide whether it would be best suited for treatment in our office, or if they would benefit by going to a pediatric dentist.   Pediatric dentists have advanced training on treating children and can offer more extensive treatment options as well as various options for sedation when necessary. In the end, we want every experience to be a positive one.

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