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What is the difference between a crown and a bridge?

Crowns, often called caps, and bridges are ways to restore teeth into function.  Crowns are restorations placed on a single tooth or implant to return it into function.  A bridge, on the other hand is used to replace a missing tooth or teeth by “bridging” the space that is missing teeth using artificially fabricated teeth. We do this by fabricating a restoration that has several teeth connected together and we anchor this restoration, also known as a “bridge,” to existing teeth that are modified to act as anchors.   The most common materials used for these restorations are either gold, porcelain, lithium disilicate, or zirconia.  There are other materials available, but these are the ones we most commonly use. There are benefits and drawbacks of each material option and we always weigh esthetics and strength as deciding factors when selecting materials for our patients. If you feel you need a crown or bridge, contact us so we can give you an evaluation and see what your options may be.   

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